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What is the DMC

Meaning of DMC

DMC stands for Digital Media City, a state-of-the-art digital media entertainment (M&E) cluster located in a 569,925 ㎡ (172,000 pyeong) area in Sangam-dong. Seoul City expects to complete its construction by 2015.

Sangam is considered a gateway to the northwestern region of Seoul. DMC will greatly contribute to Korea's positioning in the knowledge-based market of the 21st century through its advanced IT, human resources, and entertainment capabilities as already demonstrated through the global phenomenon dubbed Korean Wave. DMC will be a core element of the new Sangam Millennium City Plan along with the World Cup Stadium, World Cup Park, and Eco Village.

a state-of-the-art digital media entertainment (M&E) cluster

Objective of DMC

DMC will be the first place in the world where state-of-the art digital technologies coexist with the natural environment. An independent broadband optical communications network is built here, with wireless and satellite telecommunications services available to form the world's best broadband telecommunications system. At DMC, visitors can access the Internet for free.

DMC will be a lab of for the 21st-century city innovation.
Once established as the world's best knowledge-based center through academe-industry-research collaboration, DMC will emerge as the centerpiece of contents production reflecting the history, culture, and economy of Korea. The applicability of digital media technology to daily lives and social activities will be tested. The DMC project is not just a simple urban development plan; it not only deals with the physical development of a new sub-center of a metropolis but also represents the first attempt to integrate the urban and economic development of Seoul. It will be the starting point for the future growth of social capital to lay the groundwork for Korea's sustainable development.

Roles of DMC

Gateway to East Asia and beyond
Seoul will become a geopolitical centerpiece of East Asia where population, capital, and technology are concentrated and economic growth is fastest. DMC is the geographic center of the metropolitan area, enabling Seoul to make inroads readily into East Asia and beyond (the capital area has working population of about 25 million). Via express train (Gyeongui Railroad) as well as by highway, DMC is a mere 30 minutes away from Incheon International Airport, the hub of East Asia's air transportation. The "Silk Road of Steel" connecting Japan to Europe through North Korea, Manchuria, and Siberia will also pass through this zone. The downtown area of Seoul is readily accessible by main road or subway from here.
The Sangam area had remained on the outskirts of Seoul. In the course of Seoul's growth as a major international city, citizens dumped waste there. The abandoned site, however, is being reborn into an eco-friendly city that will brighten the future of Seoul. To date, an ecological park the size of New York's Central Park has been built on the riverside region of the former waste landfill site. The intelligent, eco-friendly residential area in Sangam will house 30,000 people. The World Cup Stadium has been used as a multi-purpose cultural facility since the 2002 World Cup Games. Seoul City is building DMC in Sangam-dong.
DMC’s role as Modulator to produce new value constantly through the integration of culture and IT
DMC is uniquely dynamic in creating value through the integration of IT and culture. One can find some industrial zones in and around the country, but rarely will one see a zone specializing in media and entertainment as is the case at DMC. As the backbone of every industry in the future society, IT can raise the quality of life when combined with cultural content since it allows such content to penetrate people's daily lives. DMC will be a catalyst of "glocalization" to satisfy the two complementary demands of globalization and localization of culture.
Also noteworthy is the fact that DMC will not just be a scientific base but also a living community where its potential for both work and leisure can be fully realized. DMC will be a community of creative people in an environment that enriches their bodies and minds. DMC is going to include green parks, music cafes, vitalized streets, and comfortable housing facilities. DMC residents will have easy access to all the amenities of Seoul.
Role of amplifier of the knowledge industry in realizing mutual prosperity by penetrating East Asia and the rest of the world through the digital media industry
DMC focuses on the new development and improvement of businesses that enhance the capabilities of the existing large cities. DMC is not about painting on a clean slate but remodeling Seoul, which is already equipped with the world’s top digital media capabilities. It will be the world's first planned media & entertainment and IT cluster.
Based on a broadband network to be built alongside the world's fifth largest subway system, DMC residents will have enhanced access to contents and services from the many universities, research centers, and companies and their products in Seoul. In other words, DMC gets to enjoy the diversity and flexibility of the new industrial zone and legitimacy and innovation of the planned industrial zone.