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Project Background

What is the DMC

Foundation of Information City,
Ecological City, Hub City

The DMC project is designed to establish a global hub of the information and media industry and is aimed at creating a state-of-the-art Information City that will spur economic, cultural, and environment-friendly development.
The goal is to establish a cutting-edge business complex that creates new knowledge and values with information, environment, and culture combined in harmony.

Project Background

Nanjido had been a waste landfill of Seoul for 15 years from 1978 to 1993. With the byproducts of urban development accumulating, the waste hill reached 95 m high and 2 km long, forming a table-shaped heap of 120 million tons of waste. Considering the fact that Namsan is 262 m high, the amount of waste was truly enormous. Since 1996, Seoul City has carried out a stabilization process by building an environment pollution protection facility on the landfill, with development postponed. Such stabilization process involved improvements in the solidity of the slope of the landfill; leachate coming from the waste was minimized, with generated gas collected in a gas ball. The collected gas is used as heat energy for heating the Sangam site development zone and the World Cup Stadium. This zone was designated as a site development project zone in March 1997, with then-mayor Koh Kun announcing the New Seoul Town construction plan in July 1998. In August, the plan commenced its drafting phase. Based on this, the master plan for Sangam New Millennium City plan was completed. A plan to build ecological and information cities was also devised, divided into specific projects such as World Cup Park, eco-friendly residential area, and DMC for more practical implementation.
The DMC project is significant since it is the first attempt to integrate the urban and economic development of Seoul. It is different from the individual development of residential areas or office buildings in the past.

Development Direction

The DMC project pursues a state-of-the-art information city that spearheads economic, cultural, and environment-friendly development as the centerpiece of global information media industries. The objective is to build a leading business complex capable of creating new knowledge and value in harmony with information, environment, and culture.
By creating the optimal corporate environment for the information media industry, DMC will provide the best environment for technological innovation by those shaping the future of information media technology and offer high value-added services to consumers of state-of-the art information media.

DMC is differentiating itself through its specialization in the media and entertainment industries. By housing media and entertainment (M&E) software companies, DMC can realize synergistic effects.

Core businesses leading the information and media industries are those in broadcasting, games, films, animation, music, and digital education.