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DMC Vision

What is the DMC

DMC Vision

World's best M&E industrial cluster!

Digital media contents production center, Hi-tech business center, Digital media academe-industry-research collaborations

DMC Concept

Physical Development
DMC is an advanced industrial complex where cutting-edge IT technology meets Korea's cultural heritage. DMC also produces high value-added contents and supplies them to the world.
Economic Development
DMC is designed to be a hi-tech city of information that will become an international Mecca of all things from the media world to a grand hub of economic, cultural, and eco-friendly developments.

[Seoul Digital Media City]:DMC aims to become the locomotive of the IT industry in the Asia Pacific region. Located in Seoul in the heart of Northeast Asia, DMC will connect the pacific economic zone to the economies of the Asian continent.

Expected Effects of DMC

DMC will advance the global infomedia industry as it lays the groundwork for creating the most sophisticated business community in the world, one that will not just bolster the economy but propel culture and environment.

Networking between Tenant Companies and Cluster Activities
Tenant companies are invited to become members of small research groups and mini-clusters at a regular forum called DMC CoNet, with tenant councils providing companies with opportunities to network actively with other tenant companies. In addition, tenant companies can widen their network by participating in occasional international conferences and seminars, share information with world-renowned speakers, and ultimately create synergies in business.
DMC: Northeast Asia’s Business Hub of the 21st Century
Northeast Asia’s Business Hub of the 21st Century
DMC provides the optimal environment for the infomedia industry, offering cutting-edge technology and innovative environment. For those who demand top infomedia services, leading information technology, and world-class R&D center, come to Seoul, Northeast Asia's business hub of the 21st century.