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What is the DMC

DMC building


The Digital Media City (DMC) is a new IT and digital media collaboration complex in the Sangam area of Seoul City, with the goal of creating the world's first M&E industrial cluster.

DMC building

DMC will form the core of the digital media industry and serve as the birthplace of companies, individuals, and communities creating digital content. It will also be a place for cultural convergence and an innovative research center for the 21st century. Seoul is already in a favorable position to grow as a digital media industrial complex, and DMC is going to realize further growth, housing a large number of leading companies, research centers, and emerging small firms. Based on advanced physical infrastructure and social capital, DMC will nurture related industries, facilitate support services, and strengthen the capabilities of existing companies.

DMC welcomes companies that operate core businesses, such as production and provision of media technology and content. Being neighbors with other such companies in DMC will contribute to their long-term success. Such technology complexes in advanced nations show the importance of diversity and capital accumulation for constant innovation by overcoming economic fluctuations and technology development cycles. The development of DMC requires driving forces to lead the growth of companies. Such driving forces are as follows:

  1. 01 A large state-of-the art complex needs to be built for the global IT, digital media, and entertainment industries in Korea.
  2. 02 Ten million Koreans are already familiar with digital media technology and products in their daily lives.
  3. 03 To raise well-trained, innovative IT experts, Sangam zone development is appropriate. This area is on the development list of Seoul City with regard to the government's key support projects.
  4. 04 As the hub for global companies entering the East Asian market, Korea will become a bridge of cultures between the West and the East.

Seoul City, related bodies, and domestic and foreign companies have been making efforts to build DMC to reflect such trends. DMC is strengthening its capabilities and establishing solid ground in the global market instead of simply trying to compete with other complexes.