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What is the DMC

Information & Communication

DMC is a city of information with high-speed communications infrastructure.
A high-quality video (broadband information communications) network for wired and wireless telecommunications links will be delivered, including a satellite link. In particular, the broadband telecommunications network of DMC will be built not from the service providers' perspective but from the users' perspective.
For differentiation and competitiveness, DMC will be built as an info city where information and culture are actively distributed among city residents. As the information telecommunications hub of Northeast Asia, information will be swiftly exchanged through domestic and overseas communications networks.
The DMC communications network will be equipped with multiple circuit designs and back-up and securing systems to provide reliable information communication services 24/7. It will be the world's best communications infrastructure providing a minimum of 52 Mbps (100Mbps) per subscriber to allow the use of high-quality, high-capacity digital content -- such as digital broadcasting, Internet movies, and IPTV services -- in real time.
The DMC communications network will provide another opportunity to many venture companies wishing to develop and apply new technology by supporting next-generation Internet services, such as IPv6 and Grid. The differentiated communications services will be a development model for other IT complexes across the world.
The City of Seoul and the telecommunications service provider will make aggressive investments to ensure that users receive inexpensive services and increase their competitiveness.