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What is the DMC

DMC uses a joint underground channel for the management of common facilities.

common facilities

DMC will be a broadband information city based on an optic cable network. By maintaining utility facilities such as water, telecommunications, power, and cooling & heating systems in a collective basement zone, maintenance and replacement will be made easier. At the same time, the appearance of the city is preserved since duplicated drilling is avoided and equipment remains underground. The collective basement zone is 2,360 m long, and utility facilities are installed by Seoul City, KEPCO, and KDHC.

The lines of the collective zone were based on the land utilization plan for DMC and residential complex. The sectional form was decided according to the capacity and usage of underground facilities.

Facilities and Main Developer
Facilities and Main Developer
Piped Water Seoul Metropolitan Development Corporation
Communications Korea Telecom
Electric Power KEPCO
Heating and Air Conditioning Korea District Heating Corp.
Water Pipe 20.1 km
Communication Cable 21.1 km
Distribution Cable
13.2 km (22.9 KV)
Heating and
Air-Conditioning Pip
11.1 km / 21.1 km

Piped Water

DMC will be supplied with rich and clean water.

The DMC provides clean water to the water purification facility near the northernmost part of the river. The population requiring a water supply in Seoul is about 11.03 million and penetration reaches 99.99%. About 652,000 tons of tap water is provided through 6 water purification facilities.

Pipes are 17,398 km long and 121 draining facilities are in operation with a 2,140,000 ton capacity. 199 pressurization facilities and 1,885,000 water supply facilities are operated to supply tap water.

Electric Power

DMC supplies high-quality, reliable power.

As the industrial structure becomes more sophisticated, technological competitiveness determines the competitiveness of a company and a nation. Accordingly, demand for high-quality reliable power supply is on the rise.

In general, the power supply lines of DMC consist of high-voltage, 22.9 kV/y connection lines; end users receive power through low-voltage lines of 220v or 380v. To reduce power loss, transformers using G-6 iron core and power saving equipment, such as ACSR/AW, were utilized. By using reliable power supply equipment such as new material switches and power-saving transformers, system reliability was enhanced. Power supply without power failure was realized through the ABC and Spot Network methods.

Meanwhile, at the 56,000-pyeong Haneul Park, clean energy-generating facilities that use wind and solar energy were built. The wind power generators emphasize the eco-friendly image of the converted waste landfill site, showcasing the World Cup Stadium as a work of art. Power capacity is 10 ~ 30 kw, with 10 units installed to generate 200 kw so that the visitor center, street lights, and leachate pumps can operate.

Power construction for the DMC area
Power construction for the DMC area
Scale 22.9 Kv
Length 13.2 Km
Duration 2001.11 ~ 2002.04
Builder KEPCO
Wind power generation in DMC
Wind power generation in DMC
Scale 10 ~ 30Kw
Location 2nd landfill of Nanjido (Haneul Park)
Duration 2001.11 ~ 2002.04
Builder Park Greening Office of Seoul City

Heating and Air Conditioning

Cooling and Heating

DMC will introduce eco-friendly local cooling and heating systems. Since local cooling is a method that does not use CFCs (an environment pollutant), the eco-friendly cooling system of DMC prevents the depletion of the ozone layer.

Local heating systems are usually built for each building; in DMC, however, large-scale heat generation facilities were built to provide an economical source of heat; thus contributing to a 58% energy reduction and a 49% decrease in pollution as a revolutionary heating system. This way, the eco-friendly DMC introduces economical, efficient local heating and cooling systems.

The eco-friendly DMC introduces economical, efficient local heating and cooling systems.

Scale D1000mm x 2
Length 11.1Km
Duration 2001.08 ~ 2002.04
Builder KDHC
Wind power generation in the DMC area
Wind power generation in the DMC area
Scale D600mm x 2
Length 21.1Km
Duration 2001.08 ~ 2002.04
Builder KDHC