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Cinematheque KOFA

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Cinematheque KOFA


Korea Creative Content Agency, 400, Worldcupbuk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea


+82-2-3153-2075, +82-2-3153-2051


It consists of three movie theaters from a large one with a seating capacity of 328 to a small one where a seminar can be held. They are mainly used to show Korean classic films and various and hard-to-access Korean and foreign motion pictures as well, including artistic films, independent films, and animations. In a planned exhibition, which is held once each month, the Cinematheque KOFA plans an in-depth program for exploring interesting subjects that should be addressed through the Korean film history. Cinematheque KOFA also plans to provide a place where like-minded fans of the cinema can receive lectures on Korean cinema and GV programs so that each movie theater may serve as a space for understanding and communicating knowledge about the cinema, not just a place for showing movies.

Ticket purchase: The Cinematheque KOFA is available to visitors free of charge. Free entrance tickets are issued for seat designation, so please get a free entrance ticket at the ticket box.