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I manage a small (venture) company, and I’d like..
Writter 관리자
Written Date 2015.01.05

I manage a small (venture) company, and I’d like to relocate my company to DMC. When can I move in? And what are the move-in procedures?



You need to reserve an office space before moving in. Naturally, the small to medium companies requiring offices can move in after the development and construction works for DMC are completely finished.


You want to contract the DMC team at Seoul Business Agency(Tel. 82-2-3153-7125) for details about lease space in Seoul city-operated office buildings including the DMC Academic-Indusrial Cooperative Center.


But if you wish to build your office building or rental offices ahead of time, it's also possible to move in earlier than others by purchasing land.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces the details of land offer once or twice a year normally.nto DMC, please send your move-in request in the form of a proposal or contact 82-2-2133-5345 for details.