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Hello from a citizen very much interested in the..
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Written Date 2015.01.05

Hello from a citizen very much interested in the DMC development. I was the DMC master plan on your homepage. It seems that the DMC project including the landmark B/D is being delayed in the overall sense despite the fact that many of its components are being developed well. And please provide details on the plans to develop the New Airport Railway and the Gyeongeui Transfer Station near the Susaek Station. Thank you.



Thank you for your interest in DMC.


Seoul City is working diligently to meet the 2010 deadline for creating the DMC cluster. The city is focusing it marketing campaign on excellent domestic and foreign companies and investors in an effort to secure a company capable of completing the DMC landmark B/D project.


Please be informed that domestic and foreign applicants will be screened carefully by applying the criteria such as project capability, credibility/appropriateness of financing plan, probability of securing major corporate tenants, and conformity with DMC/landmark concept. Then, procedures will begin for land supply when the condition is ripe for successful completion of the project.


Moreover, construction is underway for the New Airport Railway (to be completed by 2009) as well as the Gyeongeui Subway Station (aka. Seongsan station). Over a longer term, links will be established to enable transfers between the New Airport Station, the Sengsan Station, and the subway line #6's Susaek Station.


Thank you.