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Are there other development plans for areas near..
Writter 관리자
Written Date 2015.01.05

Are there other development plans for areas near the DMC?



Looking at Sang-am areas close to DMC first, a zoning plan is being written for areas surrounding the Susaek station The development plan, which covers 270,000㎡ of land, will enhance the urban functionality and beauty and also help improve living conditions. In particular, users are expected to increase dramatically in the future for the Susaek station of the Gyeongeui Railway as it will become the starting point of an inter-Korean bullet train system after national reunification and will also support transfer to the New Airport Highway (to open in 2008) as well as the subway line #6.


Another development is the Residential Environment Improvement Project Zone #2 for approx.

195,000㎡ of land tucked between DMC's central area and the Susaek station of the subway line #6, which is situated east of the DMC. The residential improvement project aims to improve living conditions for local residents by establishing public infrastructure, such as roads and public parks, in an area plagued by rundown houses and buildings. The expectation is that it will furnish pleasant environment for living and leisure activities for people in DMC area, thus playing an important role in DMC development.