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What can DMC for the Korean economy?
Writter 관리자
Written Date 2015.01.05

What can DMC for the Korean economy?



The global economy has come to rely heavily on information technology (IT). The trend is easy to notice when you see that the United States of America is dominating the world economy thanks to its leading position in R&D for cutting-edge IT technology.


IT played a crucial role in helping Korea to crawl out of its recent IMF economic crisis. However, the world is now faced with limitations of IT industry (i.e., slow growth), thus being challenged to undergo yet another round of self-transformation and innovation. Seoul City launched the Digital Media City (DMC) project to cope with the changing environment.


The DMC will produce high-value digital contents for people around the world by embracing advanced IT technology. Designed to produce, distribute and supply quality digital contents, the DMC will create jobs for countless numbers of young people and increase Korea's economic wealth through high value-added production.